Yeah, those little critters called lice made their way into my life again. Aaaaargh! I had thought, since my children are practically all adults (except one), that I was through with them ages ago, but then came GRANDCHILDREN!

My granddaughter, who is all but three years old, somehow contracted some of these monsters and they spread to numerous proportions. My daughter tried everything… but stubbornness prevailed, and they refused to leave their abode on my granddaughter’s head. But then disaster struck… my daughter got them, making her lose hope of ever getting rid of them. There was no way, she said, that she could get them out of her own hair, so she ignored them, hoping somehow they would pack up and take shelter some place else. Yet time went by, and she tried to hide the fact that both her and her daughter had them, but we all know lice… they spread and spread and spread.

Well, it so happened that my daughter and her kids had to come stay with me for awhile. But they were not coming alone… the lice would be VERY unwanted visitors. Now, anyone that knows me is well aware that I cannot stand any kind of bug, and those that feast off humans is the worst kind. When my kids were younger, I had to deal with lice a few times, as most parents do; but it wasn’t a pretty sight, and it caused every kind of anxiety imaginable and I became overwhelmed. Lice had become the centre of my life during that time as everything revolved around it- lice shampoo treatments, combing nits out of the hair each day for many days, washing clothes and bedding and then rewashing them, and spraying all the furniture… it went on and on, and I was not looking forward to that again… but here it was.

So, I took my daughter and granddaughter out to get a haircut… that was a lot of fun, and both got styles they never had before as they had to cut their hair SHORT. My daughter complained somewhat, but I told her it was for a good cause; and my granddaughter… she was ecstatic with her buzz cut… yes, buzz cut. I guess she was sick and tired of the long hair. We went straight to the pharmacy to get the lice killer, and the pharmacist placed four different kinds down in front of me. I was familiar with all of them except for one, which was an oil that was to be sprayed on, and left on the head over night and THEN washed out. It was the newest (and most expensive), lice treatment the pharmacist had to offer.

We went home, and I had to prepare myself mentally to deal with the little critters, but that didn’t stop my stomach from turning and my skin from crawling. I was tired and wanted it over with. Well, anyone who has dealt with a three year old knows how hard it is to keep them still, but I did the best I could and the treatment was going on. Oh wait… I began to see lice crawling down her neck and down her forehead hoping to get away from the oil that was made to smother them. Eww… I felt like jumping from my home in Toronto to somewhere in Scotland, where my grandmother was born. But… I had to deal with it, and I collected the lice in a tissue as they tried to escape to safety. It took about two hours to soak my granddaughter’s scalp and comb through the hair to get the dead lice and nits out. My legs were sore and so was my wrist… but I still had my daughter’s hair to do. That was a little harder, as my daughter has a lot more hair to soak and much more places for the critters to take refuge, but after another couple of hours we were done… yes, DONE!

Over the next few days I had to be diligent in checking their hair in case one had successfully escaped my murderous rampage… but to my surprise, there was none to be found and for the past two weeks… I have not seen a louse or heard from a louse. Phew! The deed was done, and my daughter and granddaughter can now rest safely without their scalps being bitten to an indistinguishable bumpy mess. They are happy… I am happy, and for the rest of my life I hope to never again have an encounter with anything that resembles the crawling scalp eater.

A Remorseful ‘Thief’

As I was checking the weather, a headline on the CTV news website caught my attention.  The headline was, “Thief changes mind, returns stolen items with letter of apology.” Now you don’t read that every day. So, curiosity got the best of me and I clicked the link to see what it was all about.

As it so happens, someone broke into a home in Guelph, Ontario and stole a bunch of items, including an Xbox and a digital camera. But soon after, they changed their mind and returned the items with an apology letter and 50 dollars to fix the screen door that was damaged when they broke into the house. In the letter, they explained that they stole the items because of financial difficulties but that it was the worst mistake of their life. They said they would perform community service to make up for what they did, and that they were ashamed and extremely sorry. It was the first crime they ever committed and they said it would be their last. I hope so.

I am glad that CTV published this story because most of the news these days has been about violence, and it is refreshing to see that someone turned a negative act into a positive one. I hope more people take this person’s actions as an example to follow, and if they do commit a crime to try their best to make amends. Although one can’t bring back a life after they have taken it, it would be the right thing for them to at least show some remorse and try to do something good for the family of the person they killed. It sounds like I am living in another world, doesn’t it? Well, society itself would not allow a person to do any kind of retribution, as they shove them in jail and leave them there. Now I am not saying people should be allowed to commit crimes with no punishment, but I believe that if they have remorse, they should be allowed to show it and be able to give something back while serving their time in jail. Instead of being a place where criminals learn to become better people through various means- heavy counseling, psychiatric therapy, physical discipline, spiritual teachings and what have you; the only thing prison seems to do is make people better criminals. That doesn’t help them OR society.

The comments below the article from readers were mostly positive ones; most agreeing that it was good that the person returned the items and that it showed what kind of character they truly had, while others focused more on the fact that they broke into the home and stole the items. The police were also of the opinion that although the person apologized and returned the items, a crime was still committed, and they were going to continue to search for the ‘thief.’ In response to the statement made by the police, it was the overall consensus that continuing to look for the person and then charging them would only discourage others in the future who might have a change of heart, and want to return stolen items or recompense the people they wronged.

It is hard to say what the outcome will be; but whatever happens, I hope that the police are fair in their decision, and that the person’s positive action outweighs the wrong in their eyes. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially those who have shown remorse for their actions. My wish for this person is that they take hold of every good opportunity, reaching the greatest of heights, and overcome whatever circumstances they might be in.  Yes they stole… but they did the right thing in the end… and may they never, ever, let anyone define them as a ‘thief.’ 

You- A Poem


 I will take you to a place

Where the stars shine brighter

And the orange moon rises in celebration of us

I feel so safe in your arms, and I know it is where I belong


As our toes sink into the delicate sand

My hand squeezes yours tighter

There is no one but us in this little world of ours

Yet the chirping birds and the waves hitting the shore

Remind us, that we are part of something bigger


But as we sink into each other

Their presence fades

And as you stare into my eyes

My heart pounds

I have found the one I have always desired

I knew it was you…  just knew it was you


But how could two people find each other among millions?

My heart cried out for you, and you filled it with your love

A love I have never known

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found you


My blood rushes through my veins

As you caress my skin

I feel renewed

And you whisper, “I love you”

A new life has begun


Written by Marie-Lynn


The past few days have been busy… but good.  I saw Spider-Man on Tuesday night with two of my children and I am glad that I did.  I was not planning on seeing the movie as I am not the biggest fan of superhero movies, but it was extremely hot that day- we broke a record here in Toronto, so I decided the best thing to do was hang out in an air conditioned mall for the day… and evening, as it turned out.  We were hoping to get in early, but just as we were ordering our tickets for the 7:40pm show, the movie sold out. The next show was not until 10:00pm which was three and a half hours away; but since my kids really wanted to see it, I got the tickets. 

With time to spare we sat at the food court drinking iced cappuccinos from Tim Horton’s and talked about girls, styles of dress, sex, marriage, and music.  You name it, we talked about it.  It was a good evening as I had the opportunity to spend time with my sons without any distractions, and as an added bonus we got to enjoy the cool air.  As we ‘people watched,’ my son pointed out the many girls wearing short shorts and said vehemently that he would not allow his daughter, when he has one, to dress like a ‘hoe.’  I asked him if he thought all girls who wear them are ‘hoes’ and he said, “Well, that’s how ‘hoes’ dress.”  That reply fueled a long discussion of what makes a girl a ‘hoe.’  I said that yes, some girls wear certain clothes to show off their assets and to get attention from men, but on that day in particular, girls were more than likely wearing skimpy clothes to keep cool in the extraordinary heat.  I explained that it is the character of a person that makes them who they are… not their clothes… although clothes can be a reflection of our character.  I was happy to see my son having a new perspective on things- all too often guys LIKE when girls dress skimpy, but I don’t want him by any means to start judging people only by what he sees on the outside.  What I also pointed out to him was that girls often get labeled as a ‘hoe’ and a ‘slut’ just because of the way they dress, yet guys can wear anything they want and no one says anything.  Guys can also have sex with whoever they want and no one puts them down for it; in fact, the more girls the better it seems.  On the contrary, women are judged solely for having been in a few relationships and for that they are labeled ‘easy;’ but it should go both ways.

When it was finally time to see the movie, we got our snacks and headed for the theatre.  Practically every seat was taken except for a few on the lower rows, so we had to settle… but I thought it would be better anyway since I had forgotten my glasses AGAIN.  I hate them with a passion, and for years I have gone without even though my eyesight is very far from perfect; but since it has been getting worse the past couple of years, I took a trip to my local ophthalmologist.  The verdict came in- I am practically blind in my right eye and my left eye is not much better.  So, I went and became the not so proud owner of a black pair of glasses, but damn if I was going to wear them.  Yes, I could see… but they felt horrible on my face and for months I didn’t wear them, except for recently, when my eyesight started to deteriorate at a greater speed.  It became extremely noticeable when the movie started playing and Peter Parker was as blurry as a windshield smeared with dirty film.  Well, except for the blurriness the movie was very good, and I liked the new actor that played Spider-Man.  Some people said he couldn’t replace the old actor but he played his part well… especially when he was doing what he does best… fighting crime and putting the ‘bad guys’ in their place.  I wish Toronto could have its own Spider-Man. 🙂

Thursday night was soccer practice.  My twelve year old son is in a soccer league and the team gets together twice a week- Monday is game day and Thursday is practice.  Well, as it so happens… I am the coach for his team.  No one I know can believe it, and to tell you the truth… I can’t myself, but the league needed more coaches so I volunteered.  The problem- I don’t know how to play soccer… but I didn’t want them to have to cancel teams.  Well, since the end of May I have been coaching fourteen kids from ages eleven to thirteen.  Yes, it has been fun… at times… yet I still don’t know how to play.  I have done my best by learning techniques from the instruction book I was given and from YouTube… but most of the time I feel inadequate.  That is one of the worst feelings ever but I don’t want to quit.  It has been an experience that is for sure… one I won’t forget and neither will my son… but I think it will be time to hang up my cleats for good at the end of the season… well, maybe… there is always next year (winks).

Now one thing I truly like is going for a nightly walk when the heat has cooled down and the air is fresh.  I love the night sky- the stars, the moon, and the way in which the clouds drift as they cover and uncover the moon like in a horror movie.  Sometimes I like walking alone, just listening to music and contemplating whatever is on my mind, and other times I like to walk with others.  The past couple of nights I have enjoyed short walks to the convenience store to get a slushy with my boyfriend, and then on the way home we sat outside and just talked for awhile.  Now my boyfriend is not the most talkative guy on the planet, but he is very opinionated when he is passionate about something or is bothered by someone.  So, sometimes I try to start a conversation about something I know he loves a lot or… hates a lot, anything else he often gives a reply of ‘I don’t know.’  Well, whether he is quiet or yelling up a storm… I enjoy his company… even though he will always think I am a weirdo…

That has been my week in a nutshell… the rest is all details as they say.  I hope everyone’s week was as good or better, and on that note… have a great weekend. 

Consuming Essence

Your golden face looks my way

As your eyes move up and down my body, I fall to pieces

But it feels good, oh so good

You don’t know what you do to me

Can’t you see?

I am losing all control

I desire your arms around me

Your warmth and security sets me free

You have helped me to trust again

And when I look into your eyes, I fall deep inside

I am overwhelmed by your presence

Your essence consumes me

Every waking moment, you invade my mind

You are the one I dream about

I am so glad you have come into my life

No longer am I alone

Your voice reaches deep down inside me

Making me tremble


Written by Marie-Lynn

© 2004


The World Today

Today was a very hot day. My brain feels as if it has been fried in a pan of hot oil, so it is hard to get my thoughts together, but I will do my best. The door is open so there is a slight breeze coming in; it is not enough to cool things down… but it still gives a tinge of fresh air here and there. Summer is certainly here whether I want it to be or not, and for the next five days the temperature is supposed to hover over 30 degrees Celsius. I am dreading it, but I am glad to be rid of the sun, at least for now; the night sky is a remarkable sight.

Now one of the things that have been on my mind as of late is the state of the world today. Reading accounts of the news online (I have foregone a television for now), is quite depressing. Everything that the media reports these days is negative in some way or another- shootings, body parts sent to government workers, bank robberies, a hockey coach tripping a child from an opposing team, and then of course… the regular unimportant and boring updates such as what the latest celebrities are wearing and the ‘happy’ life of the English Royals. The real lives of every day normal people don’t matter… the media just plays what they want us to see, with hope that we will believe their garbage. But who cares what Angelina Jolie is wearing today, or who Kim Kardashian chose for a husband last week?

What I want to hear are stories about real people dealing with real struggles and the outcome of those struggles. I want to know the TRUTH about what is going on in the Middle East… in Afghanistan… not what the government and media want us to think is going on. I want to see people helping people despite hardships and differences. If a homeless man saved the life of a child running out onto the street in Peru, would that make the news? I highly doubt it. However, if that same homeless man were to rape and kill a woman… then maybe, just maybe it would make second page. Sad, isn’t it? How can we, as a world, change things? Well, you know the old saying… ‘If you want something done, you have to do it yourself’- it starts with ourselves as individuals. Let us take a stand on injustice, racism, abuse, violence, and something that we believe in. Let us be an example of goodness and compassion… not a perpetrator of all that is wrong.  

Anyone who knows me would be shocked at what I am about to write… but each word is true. Honestly, it is. Just don’t tell anyone… Shh.

I don’t know what’s gotten in to me, but my taste in music seems to be broadening in every which way it possibly could. It all started when my son wanted to show me some videos of his favourite music. He knew I didn’t like rap, but since I appreciated what he was trying to do, I agreed to watch the videos. While I thought some of the images were downright crass, I was surprised that the music itself was catchy. Next thing I knew, I was moving to the music… but I had to stop myself because I hated rap… and I was definitely giving the wrong impression.  

A few months passed, and I noticed more and more that my previous feelings towards rap were decreasing and… yes, I was actually starting to like it. It couldn’t be, could it? My son was even shocked, but he now shows me a lot more videos, which to his amazement I watch on my own time, and I not only move to the music but dance to it as well. What used to irritate me to no end has turned me into a little dance machine.

This story doesn’t end here. Lately, I have noticed that I have not been listening to the music that has been my music of choice for many years now. Don’t get me wrong, metal has always been the music that has given me the most inspiration and strength when I needed it; all through my teenage years and beyond. Yet right now it is not what I need it seems. Rock and alternative have been my music of choice as of late, and I have even experimented with some R&B and reggae with much thanks to my son once again. I will never stop listening to metal as it is in my blood, but the new additions have certainly been positive to my life.

As this metamorphosis is happening, I am going to go with it and see where it leads me. Right now, I am sitting at my desk watching Youtube videos of Janis Joplin, Patsy Cline, The Carpenters, and others, reminiscing about times past. Thanks to my mother who has always been a great lover of music, I grew up with that same love. With the radio always playing I got to experience the big band era, country and western, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s rock… music that can’t and never will die, as it lives in the hearts of those it touches. What I gave up listening to as I entered my teenage years… I now return.


Hello… or should I say YO!

Welcome to my blog- ‘A Story to Make a Difference.’  I hope that you will visit often to read some of my ramblings on a variety of different topics, along with some of my life’s joys and struggles.  What I write here I hope will make a difference in the lives of those who read my words- maybe they will cheer you up, make you laugh, make you cry, motivate you to make a change or inspire and encourage you in an aspect of your life.  There will be something here for everyone without discrimination of sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, age, economic status… well, you get the picture.  If you want to comment on what I write you are welcome to do so… I look forward to hearing from you.  With this I bid thee farewell… for now :).